Cadence 2014 – Band Camp Rehearsal Chunk

Aug 24, 2014 · Published in 2014 Season

Play along with this video at home! The music for our 2014 cadence is available on our Music page. This a short clip of the UMass Drumline battery rehearsing letter B to C of our 2014 cadence. The video was taken on Saturday, August 23, 2014 on the UMass campus.

More info about this video

At our band camp, the battery rehearses a selection or excerpt, marching to and from every meal at the dining commons. In this video, the battery is passing by Kennedy and Coolidge towers in the Southwest Residential Area, en route to Berkshire or Hampshire Dining Commons. Members of the pit and a few other sections can be seen walking, running, and marching alongside the battery.

Thanks to Sabine Godden, a UMass band parent, for this video. Sabine originally posted this video in the UMMB Parents Facebook group.

We want your videos!

If you have any videos (or photos) of the UMMB or UMass Drumline, we want to see them! Please help us catalog our season through the eyes of our fans and viewers. We do our best to post videos of our events, but we can’t be everywhere. We’d love to show off your videos for you!

If you have any videos you’d like to share, please contact us and let us know.