Homecoming 2012 Survey Results

Aug 09, 2012 ·

Back in May, we put out a quick survey, asking people to share their plans for Homecoming 2012. As of today, August 9, we’ve received 53 responses to the survey. The results are broken out and explained below.

UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 1: Will you attend?

1. Do you plan to attend any Homecoming 2012 event?

Responses here are pretty much what you’d expect. The large majority of respondents will attend Homecoming 2012.

Realistically, the rest of this survey is only directed at the 83% yes-respondents and any of the 15% unsure-respondents who change their minds to yes.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 2: How will you travel?

2. How will you travel to Homecoming 2012?

Again, like you might expect: most alumni are within driving distance. The “other” responses here were mostly things like “I live in Amherst,” or “I don’t have to travel at all.”

This question is designed to help qualify the later responses. For example, if we match up the 8% of respondents who will fly with those who will only attend the Foxboro football game, we may see that in-state drivers want to drive to Amherst, but out-of-state fliers would prefer to fly to Boston and make their way to Foxboro.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 3: Which event(s) will you attend?

3. Which event(s) will you attend during Homecoming 2012?

Here’s where it gets interesting. The most popular responses were: (1) all events, (2) football AND Multibands, and (3) football OR Multibands. The take-away point from those responses seems to be: 98% of respondents will attend football, Multibands, or both (surprising, right?).

Respondents were asked to check-off any of the three scheduled events which they plan to attend. The graphs at right and below show how those check box responses turned out.

Attendees by Event and City

UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 3: Events - Football.

UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 3: Events - Multibands.

UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 3: Events - Hockey.

UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 3: Events - City

Another way to look at it

Homecoming 2012 Survey 3a: Events alternate. Here’s another way to think of these responses.

It seems that most people are interested in visiting with old friends and other alumni―even more than seeing the 2012 UMMB. This question is designed to determine which event(s) people are most interested in. Hopefully this information will help people decide where and when to meet during Homecoming 2012.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 4: Will you need lodging?

4. Will you need lodging?

Again, pretty standard. Most are drivable but don’t want to make the journey home too late at night. This one is also tied to the flying-vs.-driving question.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 5: Would you attend an alumni gathering?

5. Would you attend an alumni gathering?

An overwhelmingly positive response to this one. All but two responses expressed interest in attending an alumni gathering. This was intentionally left open and vague so “alumni gathering” could mean anything.

Many people included additional information to say things like, “it depends where the gathering is!” The next question addresses that subject.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 6: Where/when should the alumni gathering be?

6. Where & when would you like that alumni gathering to be?

This seems to be the most important piece for many people. One-third of respondents will follow the crowd and attend a gathering wherever it happens. Out-of-state fliers may not have that luxury, but most people―if they’ve made a decision―chose to gather in Amherst, rather than Foxboro or nearby cities like Boston.


UMMB Homecoming 2012 Survey 7: Would you attend a proposed special UMMB show?

7. Would you attend a proposed special UMMB show?

Another huge positive response. This proposed show may not happen at all. It was suggested by some alumni and not necessarily approved by any UMMB staff.

The idea is to have the UMMB perform somewhere on the UMass campus on the morning of Saturday, October 27th in a special show for all alumni and friends in the Amherst area. Since there is no football game on campus, this would be the only chance for Amherst-area fans to see the UMMB field show without traveling.

Thom and Dr. Tim have made it clear that this show might not be possible. They are still working on the fall schedule.


Hopefully that helps!

There is an active conversation happening on Facebook over this fall’s Homecoming events. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below, for all to see. Or contact us with any questions.